JNPMedia is a UK media and publishing company that primarily publishes, distributes, sells and promotes original multilingual children’s books. Some of the books are available in over 15 languages. It also publishes academic books such as teachers training guides and books on the subjects of bilingualism and literacy for parents and education professionals, written by teachers, researchers and experts. A unique collection of travel books that offers a different way to discover some well-known and other breath-taking locations around the world with beautiful photographs taken by real-life globetrotters completes the company’s catalogue.

JNPMedia distributes its books in print, eBook and audiobook formats under its own brand, JNPBooks. All available in print at bookstores and online retailers in the UK and all around the world, in eBook for the millions of Kindle, Kobo and tablet users worldwide, in audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.